Car Recovery-Auto Recovery, Brampton

Auto Recovery Brampton

Old Auto Recovery means recovery of any vehicle to a different place. In our case we move damaged cars, disabled cars and scrap cars to the junkyard where those cars will be recycled in environment friendly setup. Auto Recovery people or companies are known by different names in different countries such as tow men, wrecker driver, accidental car remover and so many. We serve public in Brampton, Ontario and buy accidental, damaged, disabled and scrap cars. We only tow cars that we buy from people, we do not provide towing services to the general public. If you have disabled car parking on your property and you are stuck with that and do not know what to do with that unwanted car, then just give us a call and we will pay you cash for unwanted car and relocate your unwanted car to our junkyard and turn it into metal.

Auto Wreckers

We buy scrap cars in Brampton and tow away those cars to our wrecking yard located in Mississauga, Ontario. Our auto wrecking yard is only 15 KMs away from Brampton, so you can also bring your junk car to the wrecking yard by yourself. You will need to make an appointment if you would like to bring your scrap car by yourself.